Strong and starlike

Remember Tisidra?

Earlier this year, I randomly bumped into her on an elevator. I first met her while working at the City of St. Paul. We worked together in the Human Rights Department before she ended up taking my job! Wow.

[Less dramatic, and more accurate, version: Tisidra was hired to replace me because I was moving on to other opportunities. We worked together for like a day as I acclimated her to the job. She was roughly 157% better at the job than I was.]

While going up the elevator we cracked jokes, laughed at each other and were delighted when we realized we were going to the same meeting.

That day, Tisidra caught me up on her life. She had recently launched her own consulting firm, Strong & Starlike Consulting, Inc. Her firm works with government and nonprofit entities and helps them engage communities, create programs and draft procedures.

If I randomly see a friend in an elevator, I will take their picture. It's a rule...that I just made up.

I got excited once I heard about her new venture because the work aligns well with her experiences, skills and personality.

I've known Tisidra for a number of years. Throughout that time, I've known her as a smart and efficient government program coordinator, a powerful and savvy lawyer, and a creative and versatile artist.

Most importantly, I've mainly known Tisidra as someone who's deeply committed to helping others live better lives. And because of that commitment she always stands strong and she always shines.